Be Healthy During Pregnancy

“Whether it is a woman’s first time being pregnant, or second, or third, there are so many things she needs to be educated on. From health and nutrition, to doctors’ visits, to what goes on in the delivery room, and to getting your home ready, all new moms have

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many questions- about every aspect of giving birth. Pregnancy Awareness Month was originally designed to help answer all of those questions. Now, 5 years later, the Pregnancy Awareness Month Campaign continues to educate, support and bring woman together from all over the world.”
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Staying healthy is one of the most important elements of a mother’s pregnancy. Women must maintain their health in order to maintain their baby’s health. When a woman becomes aware of her pregnancy, the first thing she needs to do is call her doctor and make an appointment. For the duration of her pregnancy, one of the best things she can do for her health, and the health of her baby, is to attend each scheduled prenatal appointment. Her doctor will perform tests and examine her and the baby to ensure that all are healthy and that the pregnancy is going well.

During her initial doctor’s appointment, every woman will receive information regarding her health throughout her pregnancy. Her doctor will recommend getting plenty of exercise to stay healthy and help prevent heart and other health problems. Exercise mitigates excessive weight gain during pregnancy and also helps improve sleep quality. Keeping weight gain to her doctor’s suggested amount and getting plenty of sleep during pregnancy will help a mother recover quickly after delivery.

The doctor will also inform mom-to-be about the importance of staying hydrated at all times; water is the best hydrator for pregnant women. Dehydration is common in pregnant women, so having plenty of fluid intake is very important, even if it means more frequent trips to the ladies’ room.

Along with plenty of water, doctors want their patients to have adequate vitamin intake, which means he will prescribe prenatal vitamins to many of his pregnant patients. In addition to prenatal vitamins, he will also encourage his pregnant patients to consume a balanced diet rich in foods with high levels of iron, calcium and folic acid to help baby’s development.

Another thing women can do to stay healthy during pregnancy is sleep. Doctors recommend that women get at least 8 solid hours of sleep each night and that they do it on their sides. Lying on her back for a long period of time is bad for mom and her unborn baby; it reduces the blood flow to the mom’s heart and to the baby’s and can be dangerous. Additionally, sleeping on her side means a woman will have fewer varicose veins and it can help to prevent hemorrhoids.

Throughout pregnancy, many questions concerning health, labor and delivery as well as post-delivery care may come up for mom. A doctor is the best person to ask for answers to these important questions. A doctor can guide a mother through important choices for labor, like exploring pain management options, and plan for post-delivery options, like breastfeeding and umbilical cord blood banking. A childbirth class is an excellent way for a mother to learn more about how to care for herself and baby.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. It’s a time when she needs to be as healthy as possible, but it doesn’t mean she can’t relax a little. Sometimes a nap instead of a workout sounds better and a mother should listen to her body signals to help stay fit and feeling well. Constantly working with her doctor will help a women stay healthy throughout her pregnancy; helping foster a healthy delivery and baby.

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