Crazy Life

To say it has been a busy week is an understatement. Monday started normal, as Mondays go. Monday night I drove to San Antonio to see to Mary Christensen, the group was small enough that we got to meet her. She is amazing!

On Tuesday I had an all day meeting at my customer’s office, which was productive.

I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for vacation and to try to get rest, but that didn’t happen.

My cousin and I were doing a show and had a Scentsy booth. Booth set up can be a lot of work, especially doing it by yourself and not being prepared. The event started at 5pm, we had to be ready to go by 4. I barely made it by 5.
It was an awesome event, Shecky’s Girls Night Out. I highly recommend finding one in your area. It is great to attend with some girl friends as well as being a vendor. I think my favorite thing was having the people help me unload my car at the event. It made setup so much easier!

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Thursday night was much busier than Wednesday. We didn’t stop. It was a blast. By the time we finished and packed up on we were wiped out.

Friday morning my husband was getting ready to leave for work and I realized my car still had the very heaving shelving from the show. I had to have his help to take it out. I jumped out of bed to get the rack out of the car.
We took it out and then he left. I spent the next 20 minutes putting the two car seats back in the car.
I came inside, got dressed and then started to get the kids stuff ready for school. They have to be at school by 8am.
I looked all over the house – I could not find my kids’ school bags. I called my husband, no answer. I went everywhere trying to find them. VERY FRUSTRATED! Then my husband called me back. Mike said, “What are you looking for?”
“The kids bags!” I replied. He said, “Chilly, I already took the kids to school.”

Really? I was that out of it? I am still laughing at myself as I write this. I cannot believe how crazy the week had been. I think I will try to spend the weekend recovering. But with my hubby out of town and both kids here, not sure that is going to happen.

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Crazy Shoes

I love these Shoes! They are the Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Every time I wear them someone always comments about how funny they look. My husband hates them! I love them.

I have to start by saying I am flat-footed. I have an over pronation problem (not very strong arch of my foot). I have to be careful when selecting shoes, especially exercise shoes. I should also tell you that I don’t run, I can jog a little but mostly I walk.

I had first seen these shoes at REI. I later was with my husband getting him a pair of running shoes at Fleet Feet, my favorite athletic shoe store. Fleet Feet had them! The thing I really like about Fleet Feet is the people there take the time to listen and watch you in each shoe. My patient sales guy helped me try on several pair.
You have to try these on. They need to have a snug fit. We talked about my over pronation problem and he said the shoes would help. The idea is that it is like walking barefoot so it is more your natural step. It will also help build up strength in the arch.

We left the store and went to the gym. It was one of the best 30min treadmill experiences ever! I felt great, nothing hurt! It was a very different experience from my traditional athletic shoes.

I don’t wear them every day, I do find my feet can get a little tired. I alternate them with my other shoes or my fit flops.

They come in a lot of different colors and styles. I have the basic KSO. They have several different colors in this style to chose. I just walk around the neighborhood so I didn’t need anything super padded.
I am thinking about getting some of the cuter shoes, maybe wear them when I am our running errands. I took the five fingers on my trip to Disney World, they worked great!

There is a lot of information out there about the five fingers shoes. As I said before, I am not a runner. If you are, you might want to do some research to amke sure it is the right option for you.

If you are looking for something new and different, these shoes are worth a try!

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Much Harder than I Thought

After the first few days “off” my HCG diet

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I already started eating carbs. It was like a drug, I started with a few chips and couldn’t stop! I started walking every day to try to keep the extra calories off, but the weight was up.
As the protocol states, I was to have an apple/steak day. This means I eat 5-6 apples during the day and then a 6oz steak for dinner. I did great on the apple/steak day, back down to my goal weight.

I talked to my doctor about my carb craving and how crazy I was about carbs. She said that gluten, wheat and yeast can do that to you. On average it takes 21 days for gluten to leave your system. I had spent 40 days and gotten it out but then as soon as it was over, I picked it right back up. I started feeling tired again. No energy!

I think transition is one of those things you have to take day by day. I plan to continue to walk and try to stay away from carbs!

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Day 40 on HCG

I did it! I made it through 40 days on the HCG Diet! I actually took the drops for a few additional days since I had already paid for them. I lost a total of 22 pounds. Now a am scared and worried how I am going to keep it off! I am so surprise how much energy I have now. I think cutting out carbs, milk and gluten all helped!

Day 40 was officially August 2nd and I hadn’t reached my goal of 20 pounds. I am glad I stayed on a few more days.

Now starts the transition phase. I am gradually working my way up to 1200 calories. I am “allowed” to add some additional fruits and meats and one new veggie back in. Shocker – I get to have

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avocado! It is one of my favorites! And my new favorite thing to eat – grill a chicken breast and then put it in the food processor. In a small bowl mash up 1/2 of an avocado with lemon juice and salt. Then mix in the chicken. It has to be one of the yummiest chicken salads ever!

I am looking forward to expanding my choices. I am also looking forward to exercise. I now have energy again! I will start walking soon.

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Day 26 on HCG

I cannot believe I have been on this diet now 26 days! I am down 10 pounds so far and feel really good about it. The pre-made meals have been a life saver! I did make a few of my own meals the last few days because I forgot to order the meals for Monday pickup.
I don’t have a weigh-in on Wednesday this week. I only have one more doctor appointment remaining while on the program and I will use that one to plan TRANSITION. That is the 21 days after my 40 days of the HCG drops and my 500 calorie meals. During transition I eat 1200 and add a few additional foods back.
Last week during my weigh-in I was feeling pretty good about changing my diet, my eating choices and habits. It was during this visit we also reviewed the results of my food allergy test came back.
I have a food sensitivity to almost everything! I have to say it was a little overwhelming to realize I cannot eat most of my favorite things.
Guess it explains why I am here doing this crazy 500 calorie diet.

I am very proud of myself for going this long, I am over half way through and I wasn’t sure I could do it.
I have more energy than I have had in a long time, I am finally fitting in clothes that I had before my first child. It really does feel good.
My main concern with the diet is how tired I would be. It is amazing what cutting out carbs can do for you!
Actually, I have

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stopped taking my daily allergy medicine because I don’t get it on my diet.
That’s it for tonight – off to sleep before I get hungry!

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HCG Week 2: Weigh-in Wednesday

Life gets busy, and while dieting that is a good thing. Stress, not so good! But at least I didn’t turn to food and pig out when it hit this time.
Fortunately we had a long holiday

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weekend. It was a nice break. Monday on the 4th my family all came over to my house. My dad cooked some chicken and ribs. The smell drove me crazy and I broke down an cheated! Isn’t it funny that I am considering eating an extra 3oz of chicken a cheat? Well that and one rib…ok, maybe 2! The BBQ was amazing, I just couldn’t resist. Some of the best chicken ever!

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Since I had “cheated” I decided to just have my fruit (snack) for dinner. So that is what I did – just an apple. And…I wasn’t hungry! How strange is that!

It has been a week since my last weigh-in and I have lost 4 pounds! Needless to say I am very excited. I have been on the program over a week now and feel like I can really do it.
Last Thursday, on day 4 of my very low calorie diet my hunger was much less. Now the hunger has gone except before meals. I do still have cravings, especially when I am bored, but I am not going to give into it.

Part of my program is a weekly visit with the doctor and a B12 shot. Since starting this diet I haven’t felt sleepy or run-down. Usually when I start a diet and exercise program the first few weeks I am exhausted.

It takes 21 days to make something a habit, I am 7 days in and very excited about finishing the program. The first few days of the 500 calories were really hard but it got much better. It has really helped having all the food already made. I am planning to cook some of my meals this weekend and grilling out one night as well, a very nice steak!

After my 40 days of the HCG drops I will move into a 21 day transition. I will stop taking the drops and at that point I will increase to 1200 calories. I will also get to introduce a few new foods and larger portions. It still follows the same approach, low carb diet.

Well it is late, if I stay up too much longer I will be hungry…good reason to try to get more sleep. I am hopeful the numbers will be down again tomorrow.

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What day is it?

As I said in the last post, I am going to count my dates on my very low calorie diet, which started Monday so today is day 4. I think I am finally getting into it. I haven’t been hungry until right before a meal. I am drinking a lot more green tea. Now that I have found lemon flavored stevia I am loving iced green tea with the flavored stevia.
I am ready to see drastic results and for the hunger to end. Not sure if either will happen during my 40 days.

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HGC Day 6

I am on my 6th day but only the 3rd on the low calorie diet intake. It has been a challenge to stick to 500 calories but I am doing it and not cheating. I think I am going to start calling my days based on the day I started my restricted calorie diet. Seems more official to me. So today is day 3.

I am also doing well getting my green tea in. I am not a fan of green tea, but found if I drink it cold or add flavored stevia I actually enjoy it.

Today I to see the doctor and weigh in. According to that scale I am down one pound! The doctor said it is early to weight only 3 days into the restricted calorie diet so next week we should see a bigger loss.
According to my scale I am down 5 pounds, probably due to the “loading” or eating everything in site Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I got a B12 shot today and will get those each week I am on the diet. It’s supposed to give me energy. Funny thing, on this diet I haven’t really been without energy – more just hungry.
The doctor also said that my hunger should subside come tomorrow.
Finding the Dinner Dude has really helped! I don’t have to think I would be as successful without it. I don’t have to think about meals or what I am going to cook.
I still made a meal plan for the few meals I have cooked

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so that I am not waiting until the last minute to figure out what I am going to eat.
This has been key for me. Each meal I already know what I am eating. This seems to be a theme for me on any diet.
Back when I was on Weight Watchers and on Jenny Craig I would write the menu for the week. For me, taking the thinking out of the planning made it much easier for me to be successful.
I am going to enjoy the rest of my green tea flavored with Lemon Stevia and head to bed. Proud of myself for another successful day.

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HCG Diet Day 5

Am I actually drinking apple cider vinegar? I am…I am hungry and there are too many tempting foods in this house that I need to stay away from!

I got an email from someone today

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suggesting I shouldn’t be on the diet. It was a link from the Dr. Oz website. I watched all 4 parts of his show and at the end Dr. Oz suggested if you are going to do the diet, do it under doctor supervision.

Well, that is exactly what I am doing.
I go to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly check in. I will also get my B12 shot and a full body fat analysis. I am sure after that I will be even more motivated to stick with it.
This morning I weighed myself and I am down 4 pounds. This is encouraging for me. The last diet I saw progress my first week, and even first few days. More like a pound a day.
I am more committed this time since I know I am doing it for only 40 days.
I am already thinking about how I am going to maintain. What will I do when I eat a more normal diet.
I think I am one of those planners, always living in the future.
All but on this diet – right now it is really meal by meal.
I get my motivation in the morning from the scale and from a few message boards/forums that have got a lot of people that have been doing this a lot longer. And might I add, have lost a lot of weight.
Today was better than yesterday. I am not as hungry. I enjoyed lunch today – was even full. Then my Dinner Dude delivered a few meals and I had a shrimp & cucumber salad for dinner. It was very yummy! Not only did I not cook it, but it was on protocol.
I have already put

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in another order and written down my meal plan for the week.

Yes, I am the planner.
I think I am spending time at night writing my blog so that I don’t think about food. I don’t know that I am all that hungry, I think it is more a mental thing. Tell me I cannot have something and that is all I can think about.
Life is very busy right now – I have plenty to keep myself occupied, but my thoughts are consumed by food!
I am looking forward to my weigh in first thing in the morning and my appointment tomorrow.
Weekly check-ins should help, when I purchased my program I asked for the one where I will get my hand held….I need that extra attention.
So, 5 days into the diet, my second day on 500 calories.
I am doing good. Proud of myself for 2 days. They say that the first 2-3 days you are hungry and then it is better after that. I am looking forward to the 4th day.
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Day 4 Eating only 500 Calories

Monday marks my first day on the food portion of the HCG diet.
I started taking drops on Friday but over the weekend I was allowed to eat my regular diet. Monday, I started the eating plan.
I asked the clinic if I would be hungry. They said the first 2 or 3 days I would.
I woke up in the morning – and as the previous 3 mornings I took the drops and waited one hour before I ate or drank anything. This is to make sure the sublingual drops get into your system.
I set a timer to make sure I keep the drops under my tongue for 2 minutes and then a second time to wait one hour before I drink. If I am going to spend a month on this, I am sticking to it!

Breakfast was a cup of green tea and a 1/2 a grapefruit. To say I was hungry after is an understatement! I immediately drank several glasses of water to try to fill up.
I am addicted to coffee, and not just coffee but flavored coffee with cream and sugar (this might have something to do with my weight problem). I usually use fat free coffee mate and Splenda.
I am still allowed Splenda or Stevia.
The doctor told me that I am allowed one tablespoon of milk, however not really recommended.
I broke down, just too much all at once – so I had one cup of coffee with my tablespoon of milk. And I enjoyed every drop of it!

Lunch couldn’t come soon enough! By 11AM I was cooking my chicken and asparagus for lunch.
You don’t realize how much you usually eat until you have to take out a scale and weigh 3.5 oz.
I cut off all fat and then seasoned the food. I made a few pieces of chicken for other meals and stored in the freezer.

I spent the afternoon drinking water and trying to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think about food.
I don’t think the problem is my hungry but maybe the fact

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I am thinking about food 24/7!?!?
I made a second cup of coffee (I normally have 3 in the morning). This one without milk. Wasn’t too bad.

I waited as long as I could, went to get the kids from school and then enjoyed my afternoon snack. A handful of strawberries. I think they must have been the best strawberries I ever had! So sweet! Thinking about them is making me want more!

Dinner was the smallest piece of fish I ever saw – just 3.5 oz of fish. It was super yummy and had 3.5 oz of cherry tomatoes. I was pretty hungry after dinner but drank a lot of water and even tried the apple cider vinegar drink.
Early to bed to try to end the day and not keep thinking about food!
First day over, now just 39 more to go!

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