Ok, so you got me, I am on yet another diet! The Dukan Diet was great my first week but then life happened and I had a work function. I lost all will power and had to eat what was being passed around. Not to mention a baseball game outing – well it was over.

Since then I have been on a vacation to Disney World – all expense paid thanks to Scentsy! And then a work trip to Canada. After the Disney trip (and the heat) I realized I just didn’t have the energy. I decided that I needed to do something.
A friend had mentioned the HCG Diet. She had successfully lost 20 pounds and kept it off.
With no planned vacations and not much on the social calendar I decided to start.
Starting the HCG diet is not something you just decide and then start the next day. There are lots of websites to purchase the shots or drops on the web. I personally wanted to go to a Dr. office and get someone to help monitor.
I searched online and tried to find a actual location, this can be hard to do. Many websites look like they are local but in fact they still ship the products to you.
I stumbled upon Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa and decided to make an appointment.
I had planned to take the shots, but the Medical Spa I found in Houston uses the drops.
Not the homeopathic drops, real HCG hormone sublingual drops.
My first appointment was a consultation followed by blood work.
My follow up appointment we reviewed my blood work, the HCG workbook with the limited list of foods for the 500 calorie diet.
I started the program Friday with the drops in the morning. I am to take the drops three days and eat normal. Then on the fourth day – Monday – I would start the eating program.
I have no idea how I am going to get by on 500 calories!
I spent the day Sunday making a list of my menu for the week.
One great find was a place here in Houston that actually has a HCG menu! It’s call the

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Dinner Dude. I ordered a few meals which will be delivered on Tuesday. It was all so simple to order online and know that they will be doing all the portion control.

There aren’t that many food choices on HCG so you have to be very creative with spices for variety.
The diet is 40 days so it can be easy to get bored only eating 500 calories with few choices.
Now that I have committed, and paid for the program, I am planning to stick with this one.
Quitting is not an option, and heck, it is only a month.
At the end of this time I expect to be 20 lbs. lighter.
If anyone out there is doing this diet or has in the past, suggestions and feedback are welcome!