kids crafts and book clubThis is a Guest post from Lauren, the Mom in the Barnyard…..

I recently found myself googling the definition of mother to find the meaning defined as a female parent or one who has given birth.  Somewhere along the way Mr. Webster forgot to mention a mother is one who at any point in the day acts as a doctor, a teacher, a playmate, a chef, a housekeeper, a laundress, a maid, a mediator, a lawyer, a driver, and/or a social worker…. and that’s not including what our paid occupations entail.

barnyard booksWith our jammed packed schedules, how is anyone supposed to find time to do those cute ideas you come across on Pinterest or see all your other mom friends posting to Instagram and Facebook?  Plus, craft stores are overwhelming and time consuming with a child in tow! That’s where this mom-preneur is here to help. I recently opened an online book and craft store through Facebook called “Barnyard Book Club”.

creative kids craft projects“Barnyard Book Club” is a book club for parents and children designed to promote early literacy, develop fine motor skills, and nurture creative thinking without having to leave your house. I will deliver a new children’s book and all the needed supplies (with the exception of scissors) to create your very own craft(s) related to the story!

Well before learning to read and write, children develop competency in language and literacy through interactions and experiences with the adults around them.  Young children benefit most when parents are both knowledgeable and intentional in how they nurture and foster early language and literacy. With this in mind, also included in your “barn box” are guided questions for the story to introduce and teach foundational reading skills and strategies.  Questions are aligned with Common Core Curriculum and created by a teacher (me!).

kids book clubs

“Barn boxes” include one book, directions and supplies for crafts, and guided questions.  Books are organized in albums.  When you see a book you would like, simply leave your PayPal email address in the comment section of the picture.  Once the invoice is paid, your “barn box” is on its way! For more information, visit  or email [email protected]


kids book club

About the mom in the Barnyard….

I have my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and have been an elementary school teacher for 10 years.  After having my son 16 months ago, I decided to start teaching part time so I could spend more time at home with my own child.  My childhood memories are filled with countless trips to the library and craft time with my mom.  I have always had a passion for reading and love sharing its joy with the children I teach.  I hope you and your little one can snuggle up with a good book soon.  Happy reading!