I have tried a lot of diets, I will save that for another post…
Yesterday I decided to start the Dukan Diet and read the book:
The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

My first day went pretty well. I found the hardest part trying to figure out what I could eat. It is all written very well in the book, but as a working mom I don’t have a lot of time to cook. And then there is the money…it can get expensive eating protein only, especially if you like a nice filet!

I have started this undertaking with a very good friend and we spent the day yesterday texting and talking about our day on the diet. Both of us found we were a little hungry during the day.

There are a few things I have a problem with in the book (like I am some expert). I do not believe in weighing yourself every day, much less several times a day as the book suggest. get backlinks . However, against my better judgement I did. Mostly to see how much water weight I had lost.
Early in the day I was down. By lunch I was up and by bedtime up, but not as much as the time before.
This morning I quickly jumped on the scale to see my results, I am down. Not much, .2 but down!
I plan to complete the Attack phase of the diet before I make any real decision on the diet.

The best part of yesterday, I actually got my 20min walk in! Exercise is a rare thing for me.
I have also started reading other information on the web about the diet, I plan to post more as I find it. Since this diet started in Europe, many of the sites are from our friends on the other side of the pond. I will be posting information about my diet experience as a US dieter…but welcome thoughts from everyone!

I consider my first day of Dukan a success! I am looking forward to day 2. Any advice?