Monday marks my first day on the food portion of the HCG diet.
I started taking drops on Friday but over the weekend I was allowed to eat my regular diet. Monday, I started the eating plan.
I asked the clinic if I would be hungry. They said the first 2 or 3 days I would.
I woke up in the morning – and as the previous 3 mornings I took the drops and waited one hour before I ate or drank anything. This is to make sure the sublingual drops get into your system.
I set a timer to make sure I keep the drops under my tongue for 2 minutes and then a second time to wait one hour before I drink. If I am going to spend a month on this, I am sticking to it!

Breakfast was a cup of green tea and a 1/2 a grapefruit. To say I was hungry after is an understatement! I immediately drank several glasses of water to try to fill up.
I am addicted to coffee, and not just coffee but flavored coffee with cream and sugar (this might have something to do with my weight problem). I usually use fat free coffee mate and Splenda.
I am still allowed Splenda or Stevia.
The doctor told me that I am allowed one tablespoon of milk, however not really recommended.
I broke down, just too much all at once – so I had one cup of coffee with my tablespoon of milk. And I enjoyed every drop of it!

Lunch couldn’t come soon enough! By 11AM I was cooking my chicken and asparagus for lunch.
You don’t realize how much you usually eat until you have to take out a scale and weigh 3.5 oz.
I cut off all fat and then seasoned the food. I made a few pieces of chicken for other meals and stored in the freezer.

I spent the afternoon drinking water and trying to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think about food.
I don’t think the problem is my hungry but maybe the fact

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I am thinking about food 24/7!?!?
I made a second cup of coffee (I normally have 3 in the morning). This one without milk. Wasn’t too bad.

I waited as long as I could, went to get the kids from school and then enjoyed my afternoon snack. A handful of strawberries. I think they must have been the best strawberries I ever had! So sweet! Thinking about them is making me want more!

Dinner was the smallest piece of fish I ever saw – just 3.5 oz of fish. It was super yummy and had 3.5 oz of cherry tomatoes. I was pretty hungry after dinner but drank a lot of water and even tried the apple cider vinegar drink.
Early to bed to try to end the day and not keep thinking about food!
First day over, now just 39 more to go!