Is There Life Out There

I have always loved this song, Is There Life Out There by Reba McEntire.

I was recently looking for the lyrics for Is There Life Out There for something I was working on. While searching I found some interesting information. I have included links to the song lyrics, Facebook post and music video in this post to share what I found. I actually don’t own this song, so I only hear it on classic country radio, if I find it online or in iTunes music. Every time I listen I am reminded how much I love it. I had forgotten about the music video until I was searching. I find it interesting that it can be taking in so many different ways, however the message still resinates with so many women.

The Facebook Post (The Story Behind The Song:“Is There Life Out There”(written by Rick Giles and Susan Longacre)Reba McEntire (#1, 1992)) from the Classic Country Music Stories Facebook page shares the story of the songwriters, Rick Giles and Susan Longacres as well several artist passing on the song and finally Reba recording the song.

In the story behind the song post and in additional research, many people perceived the song as the singer wanting to leave her home or family, thinking of life without home and family. What the writers, singer and later video show was the mom finding more within her life. Not leaving but adding, modifying or changing herself and not those around her. Interestingly, at the time the video and song inspired many women to go back to school.

The Video for Is There Life Out There:

Is There Life Out There Lyrics