Famous last words! I think I am always starting a new diet – or I should say planning to start.
I have been a member of Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig for years. About a week ago I purchase a new bodymedia Fit BodyMedia FIT Armband BW Weight Management System which is part of the new Metabolic Max program (I will blog about that later).
I start each day with the best of intentions but somehow after I get the kids to “school” and I am back at my desk to work…well I get distracted and the diet is out the window.
It has to be a combination of stress and procrastination. As most working moms (or any mom) our list is too long for the hours in the day. And for the past few days, instead of working on my to-do list, eating made much more sense!

Why is it that we start out with best of intentions but after a few hours into the day we are “off the wagon”? My years with Weight Watchers taught me to get right back on….but I usually tell myself, the diet starts tomorrow. I think I will know I have made it when I can get right back on!

I cannot be the only one that struggles with stressful or bored eating????

This morning I couldn’t start the day without a breakfast taco…one that I have been

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dreaming about for days! I have to say…Princes’ Hamburgers have the BEST breakfast tacos! They cannot be good for me!

I was super productive after my large indulgence, but the diet, well it went out the window.
The day ended with my favorite – fried catfish!
The diet will start tomorrow – well, maybe since tomorrow is the weekend….Diet starts Monday!