I went to pick up my kids a little early from school yesterday. I had been out of town a few days from work so I was really excited about seeing them.
First to my daughter’s class. The teacher told me how she had to go to the Principal’s office since she had told the teacher “NO!!!!” and ran away from her.
The day before my daughter decided to take off her shoes for no apparent reason – I am sure it made sense in her mind. The teacher and I talk about creative ways to discipline my daughter. On Tuesday she was taken to the Baby Room since babies don’t have to wear shoes. In about 3 minutes my

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daughter was back in her class room with her shoes on.

Then I went to pick up my son. The kids were all eating snacks but my son was at a separate table eating his. The teacher was next to him. I asked why he was away from the others. Turns out he tries to take the other kids food! The teacher explained that when my son, J, doesn’t like his food, he tries to eat the other kids. My son only eats about 3 things, so it is a regular thing he is climbing on the table trying to get others food.

I walked out of the school convinced I must be doing something wrong, that night had a long talk with my hubby about what needs to change…
It is funny, you never stop feeling like you are in trouble….when the kids act up, you feel responsibility.
I think the key is to make sure we are consistent….the hardest part of it all!
I was reminded yesterday, yet again, I am doing the hardest job in the world. Being a parent!